Leah Marie Gibson – Poppy

Puppy training is just ‘SIT’ ‘STAY’ and ‘WALKIES’ right?


Training is about bonding. Looking your pup in the eye and knowing that their focus is on you, and only you. It’s the fun and games that everyday tasks form a part of, so that learning is fun for the pup and structured for you.It’s about appropriate behaviour around other dogs, other people, gate (door) manners, and table manners (not begging, barking or breaking wind. Ok I made that last bit up).

It’s the joy of loose lead walking rather than shoulder dislocation, recall not doing a runner. And back to bonding. Synergy with your dog. There is nothing better.

Paws4 gave us all of the above, along with great general help and advice, now we have a beautifully behaved dog.Would I recommend them? Yes, in a heartbeat.