Pat Henshaw – Millie

We decided to join Debbie’s training  classes when we got our new puppy Millie. She is our 8th dog so you would think we knew all about training a puppy. Well dog training has changed over the years and Debbie trained us  how to look after Millie . She is a highly intelligent, lively working cocker spaniel from working parents who needs to be stimulated but in a controlled way. Debbie showed how to get Millie to do want we wanted her to do but with love and kindness.  The best compliment I can give Debbie is that everyone says what a well behoved dog she is ,she has her mad moments but thats  Millie . We even went on to do scent training with Millie and she loved the stimulation that gave her and she loves nothing better to seek out things and find them.

Debbie also was able to help us iron out those teething problems we all have when that new bundle of fun and fur joins your household.

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